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Our approach is simple: We believe that physical activity will have a positive impact

on your lifestyle, we maximise your body´s capabilities from the beginning,

taking special care of movement

patterns every step of the way.


Miguel López

Head Coach and Founder

A health and fitness enthusiast addicted to sports, playing football and padel from a young age in Spain,  as well as being a fan of all things motorsport.  


Fully certified Personal Trainer on level 2 & 3, FMT certified Rock Doc by ROCKTAPE on Kinesiology Taping and Instrumental Soft Tissue Mobilization as well as other relevant fitness certifications such as Movement Screen and KB instructor among others.


The coach approach:


"I believe that no one can hand you the motivation, but no one can take it away, either. Choose quality over quantity, work on your mental strength and let the hard work speak for itself."

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